As citizens in the capital city have found themselves locked up in their homes due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, there is a grave shortage of facilities that can help deliver basic items of need to their homes. The Prime Minister (PM) launched the DurustDaam application when inflation was on the rise and the market uncertainty was causing sellers to sell their goods at their own prices. The application not only provided the correct price for these items but also helped deliver them home; in the current state this would have proved to be immensely beneficial in providing important items to households all over the capital. However, the lockdown is preventing any orders from being delivered in the capital city.

The riders are naturally concerned for their safety during this dangerous time, but their fears could be allayed by the government if it chooses to do so. The government needs to coordinate with the administration to provide adequate protection material to those who are refusing to work in such conditions. These riders can also be given some advice on how to ensure that they cover themselves properly and avoid any unnecessary contact. At the same time, if the renovation of this delivery system is to be prioritised at this time, it is also important to rid the application of technical glitches that sometimes prevent the correct order from being delivered. All of these steps can help make one of PTI’s own ingenious ideas to help a vast amount of people in the capital.

This application can become a regular and reliable delivery service if these minor glitches can be overcome. It is an effective method to control the prices of products in the markets and it ensures that customers are not spending more than the required sum to help sustain themselves in this time of a rise in inflation and increased demands.