WHILE speaking at the prize-giving ceremony on the declaration of matriculation results, Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif promised that the government would bear all expenses of higher education of students who passed the examination with distinction. His commitment to polish the nation's talent ought to be welcomed because previous governments merely tinkered with the subject of education, not giving it the attention it merited. There has been no state patronage of talented youngsters who if properly trained and educated could play a vital role in nation building. A number of bright students are deprived of higher education because their parents or guardians are unable to bear the heavy expenses involved. Though education has always ranked high on Mian Shahbaz's agenda, he has an uphill task ahead. The situation highlights the urgency of cheap and quality education. Its far-reaching beneficial outcome should oblige to ensure that it becomes accessible to all and sundry. In that lies the country's future.