MINGORA - The schools and colleges in Malakand Division, particularly in Swat district, resumed their activities on Saturday after a break of several months amidst thin attendance of students. The only exception was Matta where educational institutions couldnt be opened due to certain reasons including displacement of the local people, lack of alternative arrangements and occupation of certain schools by the security forces. Following the governments decision, the schools and other educational institutions opened on Saturday. Most of the educational institutions in Swat district were closed in mid-January when Taliban militants began blowing them up. They blew up around 100 schools with explosive materials in different areas of Swat, particularly in Mingora city, its adjacent villages and towns. On the first day of the reopening, the situation was surprising as well as depressing in Mingora, where the students and teachers met enquiring about each others miseries and hardships they had faced during military action against Taliban militants. The students and teachers together cleaned the classrooms as there were debris and demolished windowpanes all around scattered because schools demolition. The situation in Government High School No 1 Mingora city was very miserable where the students and teachers restarted their educational activity with National Anthem on the debris of the destroyed school. The principal of this old educational institution, Fazal Aziz, informed that the historical building was destroyed by the militants with explosive material on the night between January 19 and 20, 2009. We heard nine explosions at midnight and in the morning we found nothing but the debris, remarked one of the persons who had came on the main gate to drop his son. Later, the government, according to Fazal Aziz, provided nine tents as alternative arrangement, which were again burnt by the militants on May 2, 2009. He said that after the January 19, 2009 incident, a large number of students left the school and shifted away. But the displacement multiplied the miseries when most of the parents shifted to Peshawar and other peaceful areas of the country. On Saturday, the students turned to the tent school in the heart of Mingora city after 8.30am. The arrival of students continued for around one hour and later with about 100 students only, the school resumed its activities. The students took part in the National Anthem, and Principal Fazal Aziz in his brief but comprehensive speech told the students forget the past and focus their attention on education as only education could bring an end to violence, militancy and terrorism. The response of the students was very satisfactory when they entered into the tent rooms. Except tents, there was nothing in the school. Neither any infrastructure nor any proper arrangements like water and fans. Even the classes were resumed without ringing the bell. The principal and teachers were sitting on plastic sheets. Both the students and the teachers complained of pain in their feet, as they had to walk on the stones, broken bricks of the debris of the destroyed school. In response to a question, Fazal Aziz said that soon after destruction of the School, he suggested to the high-ups for getting a building on rent but his plea was rejected. Ibrahim, a teacher of the school, informed that the owner of a private building agreed to accept Rs 25,000 as monthly rent. This building, he said, comprised more than 25 rooms and several other offices. A large number of the students said that due to lack of proper infrastructure, they intended to shift to other schools in the city and even in surrounding areas. Besides Government High School No 1, Mingora, the education activities resumed in Government Wadoodia School Saidu Sharif, Government High School No 2 Mingora and others. The teachers and students resumed the education activities with National Anthem and prayed for a durable peace and stability in the entire country particularly in Swat. Staff Reporter from Bannu adds: Some unidentified militants have blown up a girls high school in the jurisdiction of Cantonment Police Station, Bannu, sources said in Saturday. As per the sources, two bombs, planted by some unknown militants in different parts of the Government Girls High School Cantt Road on Friday late night, blew up and damaged four classrooms. The planted bombs weighed around 35kg, the sources said. Meanwhile, foiling a bid of militants to blow up another school in the area, Bomb Disposal Squad successfully defused a bomb. The defused bomb also weighed around 35kg, the Bomb Disposal Squad said.