ISLAMABAD- A group of senior journalists was pretty well amused to hear from Lord Nazir Ahmed of the British House of Lords that former military dictator Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf had not only good ear for music but could also give a 'perfect performance on tabla (a pair of small drums beaten with performers fast moving fingers). Lord Nazir, who has seriously taken up with the British government the issue of providing extraordinary security to Pervez Musharraf , quoting a friend, disclosed that two guards always accompany the former dictator even when he goes to attend private music functions arranged for him by his friends in London. According to Lord Nazirs friend, Musharraf was recently invited as chief guest to a music show where he felt that the tabla nawaz (drum beater) accompanying the singer had gone out of rhythm. Dissatisfied, rather irritated by tabla performers odd beats, the chief guest himself jumped to the stage and entertained the audience with the 'best of beats his agile fingers could extract from the pair of small drums.