As a dreamer that still belongs to those halcyon days, I raise my hat to Mr. Z. Israr who has broached the forgotten subject of a single province in a recent issue of your paper. The criminal decision to abolish One Unit was the starting-point of Pakistan's misfortunes which have today snowballed into a threat to its very existence. The latest attack on its survival is the ominous demand for creating more provinces. Mass production of governors, chief ministers, ministers and advisers etc. will add to the defamation of Pakistan because of their shenanigans which are likely to remain the same as they have been in the past. It would also put unbearable burden on our ailing economy. The beneficiaries of our so-called democracy who are rolling in their ill-begotten billions would furiously attack any prospect/proposal for a single province; our pseudo-intellectuals would denounce it as wishful thinking and consign it to the dustbin. But the fact remains that there is no other option for our survival as a respectable nation. The break-up of One Unit was ordered by a dictator. I would welcome another dictator who revives it in order to save Pakistan and, then, goes back to the barracks. -MASOOD HUSSAIN, Lahore, via e-mail, July 21.