The Supreme Court has asked General (Retd) Musharraf to appear before it to explain his action of violating the constitution. The former strongman is in a quandary. He is busy consulting his lawyers and friends how to bail himself out of the dragnet. He had recently bought a 1.4 million pounds apartment in London, thinking he would spend the rest of his days entertaining himself with all the good things money can buy. One is reminded of the Chilean dictator, General Pinochet, who after massacring thousands of his compatriots, had escaped to UK in much the same way. London is the ultimate abode for all third world absconders. While Musharraf consults his panel of eminent lawyers, his top choices, Shrifudin Pirzadas and Malik Qayyum, must be conscious of the fact that he is no more in a position to dole out state largesse to them. These sharp legal eagles know too well, what is good for them. Of course, Musharraf is loaded with money and can offer them any amount if he has the heart to let go of his 'earned' keep. Pity, he has left out Ahmed Raza Kasuri, the unmatched jewel among the dictators' illustrious attorneys. -DR A.P. SANGDIL, Oslo, Norway, via e-mail, July 24.