Due to ever increasing population, everything in Pakistan is in crisis, be it the power supply, education, politics or economy. This is the most difficult time of our history. In daily talk shows on TV, politicians are usually seen blaming each other for the ongoing power crisis in particular. They talk incessantly about making dams or setting up nuclear power plants but it is beyond me why they do not understand the importance and benefits of alternate energy sources such as solar, windmill and coal etc. These are cheap and quick methods for producing electricity. Pakistan is a blessed country in both resources and manpower; it has large coal reserves in Sindh and abundant solar energy that is available for free in most of our territory all year round. Similarly, wind energy is readily available in the coastal areas of Sindh. These energy sources, if used to the best of their potential, can be of great help in reducing the current demand supply gap. -SAMEER AHMAD, Lahore, July 31.