26 Degree is a very common figure circulated by Pepco in the interest of the public. It is environment friendly and aimed at providing electricity to most people. Air conditioning devices set at the room temperature of 26 degrees is recommended to ensure less electric bills by 30 per cent. Also the cooling sets function properly and last longer. Positive habits like this have become a social etiquette as the electronic and print media successfully propagates it. If surveyed you can find so many people around yourself saying that the 26 degree advertisement has made them aware of the usage of proper air conditioning. Likewise other electrical gadgets should be attuned to minimise their pressure on relevant bills of electricity the washing machines should be used once a week with the proper and substantial wash load so as to step frequent use with less wash loads. The kitchen gadgets including choppers, blenders, grinders, mixers, etc should be used erratically. It may be suggested that as 26 degree is a friendly figure for the purse and power consumption likewise the gas ovens should be used at 180 degree while baking grilling etc. Doing so, less gas would be consumed, les time and subsequent the lights in the kitchen would be used for a lesser time. The microwave ovens use lots of electrical units. A two, minute upto a maximum of five minutes of heating is fair enough. Likewise the vacuum cleaners and Hoovers should be used for cleaning purpose with adequate breaks at using time. The gadgets should be switched off, instead of putting them to a stand by. These methods could conserve electricity, reduce the bills and keep our planet green. Power conservation has different stances. Some are based upon personal efforts and some collective. A motivation in the right direction is the need of the hour. Electricity consumption has to be lessened so as to boost up the already existing resources. The maintenance of the AC on the 26 degree ensures less power usage and a step in the direction of conservation. Cooling is accomplished at favorable temperature, electricity bills are reduced and the devices are put in order. The high temperatures wear down the systems and the durability of the air conditioning is guaranteed for a long - life of the systems. The 26 degree suggestion is of its kind that has been looked into thoroughly. Preliminary testing at this temperature has been carried out successfully. The devices function properly and the clients bill is lessened by 30 per cent. The consumer gets a little saving on his bills and in this hour of inflation. An alertness or awareness of our resource is the need of the hour. The strategy to set the cooling room system at a desired 26 degrees temperature is to be made more articulate as the people should be made aware of this fact more and more people have new got the access of availing air conditioners at their homes. It is desirable that the lay-persons should be educated to use the expensive devices so as to continue to use their systems for a prolonged time. The interesting part of the deal is that the cooling at 26 degree temperature is achie-ved considerably, at a lesser time and the unit thus consumed are lesson the mark. This is a step in the direction of saving energy at the grass- root level. Proper recitation of the sources of energy is a healthy piece of advice that has been circulated in the form of rationality. A long summer is spent conveniently and without much concern on the exchequer. Power wastage I s equivalent to a heinous crime, as the electricity is so dear and less in production. Of course, the demands for it is soaring but only ratification in own social inter-actions are the need of the hour. Energy thing should not be left for the governments to be done, but the general public should also come forward. Our problems are common and the procedure to combat those conflicts should also be a co operational. It is wisdom to follow the direction showed by others if the end purpose is fruitful. Let us think of doing more for the energy conservation. A basic sense to minimize our needs I required. A broader view of life is advisable as the countrys energy needs are to be jointly used and saved from exhaustion. The recent energy crisis has greatly subdued the countrys economic growth. For sustainable development, Pakistan needs energy security which requires a striking balance between 1. Affordability 2. Demand 3. Supply options The relationship between the three components is dynamic, affected by both internal and external factor. Plans cannot be cast in store but need continuous and deliberate updating. Keeping the ACs upon the 26 degree temperature is a positive step for proper functioning more cooling and for saving money en electrical utility bills. One should always be open to change as it is hea-lthy and the contemporary 26 degree is a campaign which needs more focusing and circulation amongst the power users