LAHORE - The Punjab government has got vacated 17 more official residences illegally occupied by senior officers in the GOR-1, the official residence of the government officers in Lahore. According to details, out of these 17 houses vacated up to 31 July, 13 were in the possession of DMG Officers, two were occupied by PSP officers while one was in the custody of an ex-Army General. The DMG Officers who have vacated the houses include Mian Ijaz, Khalid Sultan, G.M. Sikandar, Iftikhar Ahmad, Suleman Ghani, Tariq Ayub, Iqbal Ahmad, Taimur Azmat Osman, Liaqat Niazi, Shahzad Hassan Pervaiz, Shafiq Hussain Bokhari and Shahid Hussain Raja. The three PSP officers included Ziaul Hassan Khan, Ahmad Nasim and Azhar Hassan Nadeem while one house has been vacated by Lt.Gen (Retd.) Sabahat Hussain. It is expected that seven more houses will also be vacated during this month.