OUR STAFF REPORTER MUZAFFARGARH - Flood victims from various districts participated in the conference organised by the management of Flood Maintenance Movement in Chanab Park. Raising slogans against the government, the victims expressed their deep concerns over the steps taken the government. They demanded reconstruction of flood-hit houses and second instalment of Watan Cards. They also urged the government to take action against those responsible for the devastation. They said that corrupt officers should be punished who were involved in treacherous distribution of relief. The speakers said that approximately 1 million families are still homeless. They said that the government neither made any formal policy under the supervision of the prime minister and chief ministers nor focused on the rehabilitation of the victims. They further said that if their demands were not considered, they would observe shutter-down strike. The requirements of the resolution were also approved on this occasion. Mukhtaran mai, Umme Qalsoom, doctor Farzana Bari, Abdul Qadir Rathor, Prof Jameel Umar, Abdul Qayyum, Sarwar Bari, Mazhar Jadgani, Saima Gardezi, Salahuddin Haider, Nasir Shah, Rani Waheeda, Maqsoda, Aamna addressed the conference. However, a large number of people from DG Khan, Badeen, Haiderabad, Rajan Pur and Muzaffargarh attended the conference. On the other side, Special Envoy of United Nations Secretary General for Assistance to Pakistan Rauf Engin Soysal has also said the floods flood affectees in Pakistan still need assistance for the revival of normal life, even though recovery and relief efforts have been completed,. One-fifth of the country was submerged by the flood waters, over 18 million people were affected and 14 million people were still in need of humanitarian aid and 1980 people lost their lives, he said, adding that the UN had issued its highest ever appeal of $1.9 billion to help the victims. Soysal said We should acknowledge the resilience, strength and courage of the people of Pakistan, adding that he was pleased to know that UN and the NGOs had played a vital role in the recovery efforts and it would not have been possible without the contributions of the donor community. Regarding the one year report prepared by UN, Rauf said it would provide information on last years relief activity. He said seventy percent of the aid had been realised and he hoped that the world community would provide the rest of thirty percent also.