While the Arab uprising in the Middle East is showing no signs of calming down, the death toll in Syria reached 140 on Sunday. In fact, the entire Arab world has been in the grip of violence and unrest in the wake of the recent popular call for political change. And there is little doubt that the present instability owes itself to years of grievances and resentment the people have been nurturing. In fact, not only the Syrian government but the regimes holding the reins of power around the Arab world should have seen to it that the public demands ranging from political reforms to economic prosperity should have been fulfilled and under no circumstances should such a situation have been allowed to emerge. The wave of unrest is going on in the entire Middle East and there is hardly any country that has not felt the tremors of public disturbances. We do have the example of Jordan, where the government immediately after feeling that the public temper was rising, initiated political reforms and was able to avert the storm brewing up. However, what is even more shameful is that the US and NATO are always on the lookout to fish in troubled waters of any country in the region, particularly those regimes that do not bow before its diktat. NATO, at the US behest, for instance did not waste any time in starting aerial bombardment on Libya that resulted in considerable degree of human and collateral damage rather than making things any better. At the same time, President Obama has warned that he would isolate the Assad Government for its acts of violence against its own people. The US must realise that the chaos prevailing in many parts of the world is because of its own imperialistic designs and the brazen and illegal use of force to achieve them. The world, as everyone can see, is being pushed towards destruction, violence and anti-Americanism, which of course would one day register its impact on the US as well.