Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilanis address in the National Assembly on Monday must have disappointed all those, be they are part of the ruling coalition or sitting on the opposition benches, who wanted to see a showdown between the institutions. Gilani minced no words in accepting the authority of the judiciary in interpretation of the Constitution and stressed the need for following the trichotomy of power in its true letter and spirit, adding that government had obeyed the apex court in the past and would continue to abide by its judgements in future as well, and referred to the posting of Sohail Ahmad as Secretary Narcotics Control Division in the light of the Supreme Courts direction. On one hand Prime Minister Gilani was completely submitting himself to the apex judiciary and also referring to some of the compliances his government had made to the apex court judgements, while on the other he has indirectly targeted the main opposition party Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) for its past excesses and intolerance towards the superior judiciary. Without naming Zafar Qureshi, linchpin in the investigation into NICL scam and recently removed from the inquiry, Gilani said who was the man who had handcuffed govt employees in Faisalabad and when the Supreme Court of Pakistan had taken notice of it, the fallout was also known to all. He said how they would harm the independent judiciary for which his party leaders and workers had suffered and soon after coming into power it was the PPP govt which had restored the deposed judges. Premier Gilani asked Opposition to accept their constitutionally defined role of opposition and wait for the completion of the mandated term of the government. He said that instead of looking for some backdoor or waiting for some unconstitutional move to topple the incumbent political dispensation, the opposition parties should play their constitutional role and help strengthen the institutions. The conciliatory course Prime Minister Gilani has adopted even did not go well with the hawks in his own party who wanted to bring back the Supreme Court of Pakistan to its constitutional precincts, which, according to their point of view, was overstepping into the domains of executive and legislature. These hawks in the party wanted a strong retaliation to the way Supreme Court of Pakistan was overturning the acts of the government and pushing it to the wall but the doves in the party were of the view that the clash between the institutions would devour the incumbent set-up to the disadvantage of the political forces in the country. It was in this backdrop that the resolution, which was prepared to be tabled before the Parliament by some of the PPP leaders representing the hawks, highlighting the supremacy of Parliament and constitutionally defined role of executive, was held back and Prime Minister Gilani in the joint parliamentary parties meeting of the ruling coalition said that there was no need to table such a resolution before the Parliament as it would further mess up things between the institutions. The absence of Leader of Opposition in the NA was felt by all and sundry as the senior PML-N leader Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan Abbassi fell far short of him. The National Assembly also saw a series of walkouts one after the other by Muttahida Qaumi Movement for not listening to their point of view on the gravest Karachi violence followed by PML-N and JUI, showing solidarity with the MQM. Later, on the request of Federal Minister Rehman Malik and Qamar Zaman Kaira they returned back and joined the regular proceedings.