BABIES under a year old should not be given cows milk because it is much too salty for them, nutritionists have warned. It is almost four times as salty as breast milk, say researchers who have found that those fed cows milk before 12 months tended to have the highest salt diets. Dr Pauline Emmett and Vicky Cribb, nutritionists from Bristol University, found that seven in 10 babies had too much salt in their diets. The study, looked at almost 1,200 eight-month-olds born in 1991 or 1992. Cows milk, they noted, contains 55mg of salt per 100ml, almost four times that found in breast milk (15mg / 100ml). Concentrations in formula milk vary from 15 to 30mg / 100ml. A baby consuming 700ml of cows milk daily (or 25 fluid ounces) would be getting 385mg of salt from that source alone - almost half the recommended maximum (one gram) for a baby up to a year old. Telegraph