KHYBER AGENCY - There is no reality in the news that ceasefire has taken place between Zakha Khel and Lashker-e-Islam (LI), the 'criminals of Zakha Khel tribe must be handed over. This was stated by the elders of Zekha Khel tribe including Haji Meedak, Gulam Shah, Ziarat Syed and Fateh Muhammad while expressing their views in a statement issued here on Monday. They were of the view that no truce or ceasefire had taken place with LI in their region. They vowed to purge the Zakha Khel region of all militants so as to establish peace. They said their opponents were spreading false rumours on truce and ceasefire in the tribe. However, they confessed that some religious scholars made efforts to appease both the fighting groups to set free their prisoners in Ramazan, but that could not be materialised. We had decided on our own to avoid fighting during the holy month of Ramazan, the Zakha Khel elders said adding that, We were opposed to cruelty and want to struggle for peace so that government could start development projects in the area. They said they have repeatedly demanded of the government to launch mega projects to provide electricity, construct roads and basic health units and provide potable water so that their grievances could be removed. They also asked the people to have deaf ears to the false news about ceasefire or truce between LI and Zakha Khel tribe.