ISLAMABAD Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif, on Monday, asserted that the government, by indulging in a confrontation with the judiciary, was converting the country into a failed state. The government is using the parliament to hide its corruption and institutions are being made to fight for personal interests, said the former premier while talking to journalists after chairing a meeting of the PML-Ns parliamentary party at the Parliament House. Nawaz held that the government never accepted the present independent judiciary and always adopted a way of confrontation with it. He, however, lauded the courts for taking notice of corrupt practices (of the government). Nawaz said that a resolution was being tabled by his party to express solidarity with the judiciary which, he said, would not be let down. We are bringing in a resolution for the independence of the judiciary, he affirmed. Nawaz also asked treasury benches not to become a tool against the judiciary, saying, Allies should also think it over whether they are helping the government in its bid to cover up its corruption. He asserted that the parliament belonged to the entire nation and not just the president or few individuals. It (parliament) should give its decision as per diktat of its conscience. The government, alleged the former premier, wanted a PCO judiciary to cover up its corruption. He held that corrupt officers were being put on top slots and the government was bent upon reinstating every official, who was suspended by the apex court. He averred that his party would ensure the rule of law and would foil every step being taken to destruct the country. The PML-N chief came down hard on the governments economic policies, saying it was taking hefty loans from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) due to which the country was now being dubbed as a failed state across the globe. The national kitty is facing a loss of Rs 1,500 billion because of tax evasion and corruption and if this amount is not be retrieved, the price hike will not retract and others problems would also linger on, asserted Nawaz. He said the country was experiencing many difficulties but government officials were not paying any importance to the parliament. Investment opportunities are dwindling and inflation is on the rise. He held former president Pervez Musharraf and the incumbent rulers responsible for the present sorry state of affairs in the country. He, however, added that his party has extended cooperation to the government to alleviate poverty and unemployment. To a media query, Nawaz said that political isolation of his party would end as soon as the next elections were announced. About the issue of Sohail Ahmad, he said the people wanted to know how this situation was created and who was responsible for it. The former premier recalled that the PML-N started a coalition with the Pakistan Peoples Party to draw the country out of multiple crises, but the latter did not fulfil any of its promise. The PML-N wanted implementation of the charter of democracy (CoD) in letter and spirit, he said, adding that had the CoD been enforced, its benefit would have gone to the PPP. He alleged that the government had done nothing considerable to end load shedding, and said the countrys problems were multiplying with each passing day. We have prepared a comprehensive agenda to bring the country out of the present quagmire of problems, Nawaz said, and recalled that a reforms agenda was also handed over to the PPP government by his party, but it did not bother to follow it. To another question, he said the government was not sincere in formation of new provinces. The PML-N will support the formation of new provinces if it is made on proper administrative basis, he asserted. Nawaz said the parliament had passed a unanimous resolution after the Abbottabad incident, but the rulers did not give any importance to it. Nawaz also demanded the government to try Musharraf.