LAHORE - While alleging that Indian intelligence, RAW was training and providing weapons to the MQM terrorists, Vice-Chairman, MQM (Haqiqi), Shamshad Khan Ghauri Monday came up with the demand that Karachi must be de-weaponised to restore peace in Karachi. Addressing a news conference at Lahore Press Club, the MQM (Haqiqi) leader said that operation by law enforcement agencies was inevitable to end no-go areas in the City and to get rid of the target killers. He alleged that the MQM, led by Altaf Hussain, was responsible for destruction of peace in the City, as its terrorists were getting training in South Africa by RAW, while Israel was providing weapons to them. He said empty shells found from the crime scenes in recent incidents of violence were of Israeli make as pointed out by Interior Minister Rehman Malik. He said Altaf Hussains call for peace should not be taken seriously in view of the fact that his party men were getting training in South Africa for terrorist activities. Shamshad told reporters that terrorists belonging to Altafs party had created no-go areas in the City by erecting iron gates and setting up private pickets at different entry points to prevent entry of their political opponents in those areas, especially the Mohajir Qaumi Movement activists. They have also set up bunkers at rooftops of houses under their illegal occupation, he added. He said activists of Mohajir Qaumi Movement had gone into hiding to save their lives. The Haqiqi leader was of the view that MQM had created a state within state, and it was hard to restore peace in the City by organizing peace rallies. Normalcy can only return to Karachi when it is cleared of the armed terrorists by law enforcement agencies, he observed, adding that majority of target killers arrested from City belonged to MQM. He alleged that in order to get MQMs support, the government had struck a deal with that party that it will not present JIT report in courts against the target killers and that their trail will take place in ordinary courts. He said that police officers did not want to risk their lives to arrest the terrorists after such compromises between the PPP and MQM. Shamshad demanded full powers for the law-enforcement agencies to arrest the terrorists and clear the prohibited areas of the target killers. To a question, he denied any underhand deal either with the PPP or any secret agency to resist the activities of Altafs party. Responding to another question, he said that Zulfiqar Mirza showed some seriousness to get rid of MQM terrorists, but federal government intervened and nothing happened. He said in case of operation in Karachi, there will be guerilla war in streets, but it was inevitable to restore peace. He said he did not know of any meeting between Zulfiqar Mirz and Mohahir Qaumi Movement chief Afaq Ahmad. He said that his party was ready to hold dialogue with all political parties including Altafs party to bring about peace in Karachi.