LAHORE - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani should take some practical steps instead of giving statements as corrupt rulers always found dependent on the bureaucracy. Supreme Court should not interfere in the working of departments but it can take up the matters if irregularities surfaces. Different lawyers commenting on the PMs address in the assembly on Monday said that the PM should implement the orders of judiciary instead of lip service. Talking about judiciary and federal government, Lahore High Court senior lawyer Aftab Bajwa said that time was wasted on the PCO judges issue. He further commented that apex court should take up the issues of electricity and gas loadshedding and get them resolved through the government. He commented that Supreme Court knew well that parliament have powers to take action against judiciary, and therefore a situation of good relations between federal government and judiciary is being created through media. Bajwa said that the prime ministers speech or praise about controlling bureaucracy was a signal that 'something may be going between bureaucracy and federal government. He said that corrupt rulers mostly found dependent on bureaucracy in past.