LAHORE Leisure Club has launched The Working Woman the first brand in Pakistan to focus on womens work wear, says a press release. This should come as a long overdue breath of fresh air for the millions of Pakistani women out there. When asked about the inspiration for The Working Woman, the brands General Manager Omer Chaudhry said, so far no one has been catering specifically to the needs of working women despite the growing influx of women in the work field. Currently, women have to make do with sub optimal clothing options for work and this is where we come in. The working woman is offering simple, elegant, and sensible clothing which would make multi-tasking for women much easier. 'The Working Woman offers both eastern and western ready to wear with complimentary accessories including scarves, shoes, and bags and with a lot more yet to come. The western wear includes a line of business suits and jackets for women -a pioneering innovation. The stated ethos behind this new range of clothes is that they are designed and made to work with the women who wear them, without compromising on aesthetics, fashion, comfort or practicality. When asked how this was done, Omer Chaudhry explained how the designs, cuts, colours, and sizing have all been refined through extensive research on the needs of Pakistani women. When asked what the nature of this research was, he revealed that women across multiple work sectors were surveyed to ensure that the product met their functional, cultural, and work-specific requirements. 'The Working Woman has combined these needs with the latest global forecasts and trends. This research is reflected in the brands first photo shoot which focuses on real-life Pakistani female figures from different work fields rather than professional models. These women include housewives, doctors, NGO workers, lawyers, artists, architects, photographers, etc. When asked why housewives were included amongst working women, Omer retorted: We like to call house wives home-engineers. 'The Working Woman considers home engineering to be a full time- job and a distinct field of expertise altogether. He further added that he chose to name the brand 'The Working Woman to highlight how extra-ordinary the everyday Pakistani woman is and the valuable role she plays in taking our country forward. Omer stressed that Leisure Club has ensured that the inspiration for 'The Working Woman its development and launch is fully in line with Leisure Clubs own core values of integrity, quality, compassion, and ingenuity. Leisure Club is part of Sefam Pvt. Ltd. which is one of Pakistans largest textile conglomerates. Sefam Pvt. Ltd. runs a portfolio of the best apparel brands in Pakistan having over a 100 stores across eight countries. The Working Woman is available at its flagship stores, Lahore and at exclusive Leisure Club stores in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Dubai.