ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has asked the opposition to stop seeking entry to power echelons through the backdoors as he outrightly rejected possibility of an inter-institutional clash, declaring that his government was fully abiding by Supreme Court decisions. In a statement in the National Assembly on Monday, the prime minister also rejected speculations that the government has convened the assembly session to bring any resolution against the judiciary, saying he was surprised to hear such news. We accept, respect and implement the judicial decisions, he remarked. How is it possible that we, who restore the constitution, would disobey the judiciary, the PM asked, dismissing the impressing that the government has been violating judicial orders. I have been implementing the judicial verdicts since assuming my office as prime minister, he insisted. He declared that the government would protect parliament, democracy, institutions and rights of the people and there will never be any clash with the judiciary. He said how a parliament which restored the constitution through consensus among all political parties can go for clash against any institution. There was no justification for such speculations after clear cut interpretation of the constitution by the Supreme Court reiterating that transfers and postings of civil servants is the prerogative of the Chief Executive. He said framing of the constitution and law is the responsibility of the parliament while it is for the judiciary to interpret the constitution. Gilani said the government has always respected the judgments of the Supreme Court and implemented them in letter and spirit. It will continue to do so in future as well. Recalling the NICL case, NRO, NAB cases, PCO Judges and promotion of 54 senior officers, he said the government accepted judgments of the apex court in 'letter and spirit. He said he received information about Supreme Court verdict in 54 senior officers case and decided not go into appeal. The prime minister asserted he never violated rules for promotion of officers from Grade 21 to 22 and gave extensions in service in 'rare cases, and challenged to prove a single out-of-turn promotion. He said the Central Selection Board is chaired by honourable Justice Baghwan Das and there has been no political interference in the promotion process. Cleverly passing up the details of Sohail Ahmed case, Gilani said he 'accepted the verdict of the Supreme Court and appointed Sohail Ahmad as Narcotics Division secretary. He claimed that the government employees were being 'incited to rebellion and said he has been 'protecting rights of bureaucracy and 'they will never rebel against the present government. The Prime Minister urged the opposition to change its mindset and accept the reality that 'they are in opposition and we are in the government. He said days are gone for back door entry into government and now they will have to come to power through electoral process. He said their dream to come to power through igniting confrontation between institutions will never realise. Gilani rejected the impression that they have formed their government with the help of turncoats. We do not need the support of turncoats for our government, he declared. He also asserted the government was more accommodative than the opposition as it was tolerating criticism of media and the opposition with 'open mind. The PM said his primary objective is service of the people and it makes no difference for him if he sits on the treasury or opposition benches. He however said he wants the assembly to complete its five-year term and urged the opposition to strengthen the democratic process by extending a helping hand in strengthening institutions. He maintained that the government wants to take all political parties along as it did in the case of 18th and 19th constitutional amendments and the NFC Award.