Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh had announced a peace rally in Karachi on Saturday 30th July 2011and requested the stakeholders of this cosmopolitan city to participate in the rally. This peace rally resulted in traffic jams in many areas of Karachi for several hours in which Ambulances and Fire Brigades were stuck. Interesting thing to note about this peace rally was that on one hand, participants of peace rally were marching on the streets of Clifton, and on the other hand, Sherpao colony, Landhi and Korangi were echoing with sounds of sophisticated weapons and hand grenades. Despite this peace rally, thirteen people lost their lives. MQM also participated in the peace rally on the instructions of its leader. Sindh's Minister for Information Sharjeel Memon of Pakistan Peoples Party said that his party will continue to conduct Peace Rallies tillpeace is restored in Karachi. It appears that Pakistan Peoples Party has decided to gain time using peace rally gimmick to complete its tenure, no matter how many people gets killed daily in Karachi. Dirty politics must now come to an end in this country. M. RAFIQUE ZAKARIA, Karachi, July 31.