ISLAMABAD - People are now desperate to search for their energy solutions and they are taking keen interest in the alternative energy solutions as around 8,000 persons visited Alternative / Renewable Energy Workshop that was organised by REAP here the other day. Most of the people among the visitors were students and academia of different universities and colleges. Visitors took special interest in the equipment and in the workshop session as well. It is pertinent to mention here that the reason for a large number of visitors seemed they were in search of alternative energy for their homes other than the electricity. Loadshedding has caused so much panic among the masses that they are now desperate for the other available solutions. Though it was a very good thing that people took interest in renewable energy workshops and equipment but at the same time it shows the governments failure to provide them relief. An official of Alternative Energy Development Board said that they were working hard to promote renewable energy in the country and the government should take it very seriously as well for being the only long term sustainable solution. Appreciating REAP, the registered group of over 150 importers, vendors, manufacturers of RE equipment for organising their first mega event in Islamabad, CEO AEDB said that REAP has been contributing beyond demonstration of Renewable Energy (RE) technologies / equipment in the country; in fact, the Association, playing a significant role towards future of these technologies through policy making, planning and financial measures, he added. Referring to the attendance of visitors in thousands, he said that exhibition has helped in building consumer confidence on the RE equipment, which was one of the major hurdles in the fast track deployment of RE technologies in the country. The visitors now saw for themselves the performance and utility of these technologies / equipment.