OUR STAFF REPORTER KHANEWAL - The Pakistan Railways Advisory and Consultancy Services has failed to provide appropriate services for the passengers as the officials concerned do not ensure their presence to address the passengers grievances at the reservation counter. Khanewal is one of the biggest railway junction station of South Punjab from where hundreds of passengers travel for various parts such as Vehari, Jhang and Multan daily. The passengers who travel by Hazara Express (11-Up/12-Down) and Rohi Express (131-Up/132-Down) also complained that the reservation counter officials were not observing official timings. They added that the staff misbehaved the passengers. Furthermore, they said, schedule of the counter had not been displayed, urging Pracs Managing Director Junaid Qureshi to take strict action against the derelict officials. However, Pracs in-charge AD Shad assured the passengers of holding an enquiry into the matter.