A GUNMAN opened fire during a scuffle near a family unity festival in Cleveland starring popular US funk musician George Clinton, leaving a teenager fatally wounded, police said Sunday. The shooting occurred Saturday night at a parking lot near Luke Easter Park, where an annual Family Unity in the Park festival featuring Clinton was held, according to the police. A 16-year-old boy named Sylvonte Williams who was shot in the head died early Sunday of his injury, and three others were also wounded in the tragedy, including a young woman with a gunshot wound in the neck, the police said. The latest report from The Plain Dealer, the major daily newspaper of the Ohioan city, said that Williams was tussling with another young man after the concert when a friend of the latter pulled out a gun and fired at Williams and onlookers. It remained unclear what prompted the initial fistfight, the police said, while urging the local community to turn in the shooter. An earlier report from the newspaper said that the two most seriously wounded were in critical condition while the other two were stable. Xinhua