LAHORE The treatment of all the pains and sufferings of Pakistan lies in the holy Quran and Sunnah rather than in Washington. This is a must for the Muslims to understand and follow the Quran and to implement complete Islam in Pakistan is also a must. The country, Pakistan, came into being on the ideology of Islam in the holy month of Ramazan. Renowned Islamic scholar and chief of the Siraat-i- Mustaqeem Institute Dr Muhammad Ashraf Asif Jallali expressed these view while addressing The Nation forum Ramazan and Duties of Muslims here at Hameed Nizami Hall on Monday. He said that Ramazan is a month of tolerance, patience and sympathy for the Muslims that call for accomplishment and practice of the teachings of Islam. Allama Jallali said that the holy month of Ramazan provides an excellent opportunity to the Muslims to seek forgiveness of Allah Almighty by obeying the teachings of the Quran and following Sunnah. Allama Jallali further stressed upon the fact that Pakistan was not an ordinary state like other states; saying it was an ideological state established on the eve of 27th of Ramadan. The debate on Change of System in Pakistan he said, would create panic for the so-called promoters of enlightened moderation and slaves of the UK and the US. To be subservient to the Washington lobby was not a key to the problems being faced by Pakistan but to observe the light shed by Gunbad-e-Khizra and Quran-o-Sunnah. He ruled out Israel-US nexus to resolve the problems of Pakistan. The only prescription to become a strong nation is to obey the teachings of holy Quran. He said that creation of Pakistan was not meant for materializing the dreams of the rulers to furnish their vested interests or to fulfill their luxurious desires. Allama Jallali also underlined that Muslims could purify their souls by observing fasts, distributing alms to those who are needy. We should control our sentiments and work for purity of heart, he advised. To observe fast, he said, does not mean only to stop oneself from eating or having sexual relations with someone. Actually, it means to keep one self off all the unethical and un-Islamic activities. By following the teachings of Islam, he said, we can bring reforms in the society. By doing so, we can root-out lawlessness, terrorism, chaos and other social crimes from the society. This action would pave a way for a much-needed and peaceful social revolution. JAVAID IQBAL