LAHORE - Various institutions and people belonging to a wide spectrum of opinion in Pakistan have strongly objected to the issuance of an inaccurate map in the latest issue of Time magazine that depicts Indian-occupied Kashmir as part of India. The magazines the recent issue that chronicles the various destinations of the fabled traveller Ibn-i-Batuta carries a map which erroneously depicts the Line of Control dividing Kashmir as permanent boundary between the two countries. According to observers, such a slip from a prestigious US publication only reflects the poor comprehension of the South Asian issues among the US journalistic circles. The line dividing Kashmir came into being as the result of Karachi Agreement as a consequence of Indo-Pak talks sponsored by the UN in 1949 and was called Cease Fire Line (CFL). The observers belonging to United Nations Military Observers Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), duly mandated by the UNSC, even today, maintain the headquarters in Srinagar and Rawalpindi to supervise the integrity of this line and report any violations to the UN. While the UNMOGIP have full liberty of action in AJK, India doesnt allow the UN observers to operate on the CFL, called Line of Control (LoC). The line dividing Kashmir is a temporary one pending decision and Pakistan should launch a strong protest with the Time editorial board to issue a correction to this obvious blunder, say observers.