OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - South Asian Federation of Exchanges (SAFE) held the fourth of its new series of training seminars on the subject of 'Investor Relations under the title of 'Adding Value Creation through Effective Investor Relations. The programme has been designed specifically for the managers of the listed sectors so as to create their awareness with the most important function of their companies with regards to communication and relations with their investors. The purpose behind the start of this series of programs is to first create an assimilation of the listed corporate sector with the role and the responsibilities of the Investor Relations professionals and departments, and then during the second stage to encourage the whole of the listed sector to create special purpose departments within these companies. This is to ensure that the companies not only meet the informational needs of the shareholders but that they also work on proactive basis to provide basic shareholder services. SAFE is of the belief that the deployment of Investor Relations professionals in the listed sector would greatly help the cause of investors protection.