U2 have brought their record-breaking '360 tour to a close in Canada after two years. The band celebrated the end of their $736m-grossing jaunt before a crowd of 75,000 at Moncton, New Brunswick. The tour was named the highest-grossing tour ever back in April, overtaking the $558m (340m) tally set by the Rolling Stones in 2007. Before taking their final bow, U2 frontman Bono sprayed champagne across the front rows of the audience and declared: This is the best time we could be having anywhere. In addition to performing some of their more notable hits such as 'Beautiful Day and 'Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2 included their cover of folk song 'The Ballad Of Springhill in honour of the nearby town devastated by a string of mining disasters over the last two centuries. The song was originally performed by the band on fifteen dates of their 'Joshua Tree tour in 1987. U2 have played for over seven million fans in 30 countries since launching the '360 show in June 2009. DS