Once again a conflict has arisen between the Government and the Supreme Court. Once again majority of talk shows are trying to address this question. Once again we are all divided on the issue, although majority seems to be in the favour of Supreme Court. Every time, when this issue arise, I wonder whether all those who participate in discussion are fully aware of the Constitution. There is no doubt that Parliament, Judiciary and Executive are three basic components of any country. Each of these is assigned a specific task and has to work within the framework detailed in the constitution. As a layman I understand that the job of the Parliament is to enact laws to conduct the business of the Government and to frame constitution, the job of the judiciary is to interpret the laws and give decisions in accordance with these laws and constitutions. Whereas the duty of Executive is to run the business of the Government. I think it needs not to be said that if any of these trespass their defined limits a state of anarchy is bound to emerge. The above paragraphs holds true for any democracy of the world. However situation is different in Pakistan and some other Muslim Countries. Islam tells us that no one is supreme other than Allah the almighty. All the three units of Government, in a Muslim country, must observe and obey what Allah the almighty and his Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) while discharging their duties. We are living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The main frame of our existing constitution is that of 1978. If my knowledge is not obsolete then the Memorandum of Articles (Qaradad-e-Maqasid) is till the component of this constitution. This binds all the functionaries that decision can be taken or implemented in any affair of the state which is not in accordance with the injunctions of Islam. In present coalition ruling the Federation there are religious Scholars like Maulana Fazlur Rehman, prominent Lawyers like Aitezaz Ahsen (and many others) and Lawyers who claim to be religious scholar as well like Baber Awan. Would any one of them tell me where it is said in Quraan or Hadith that the parliament is supreme or the Judiciary is supreme or the Executive is supreme? If they all have fear of Allah then they all must have some pity on this poor country and should avoid creation of atmosphere of confrontation as it will lead us no where than the state of anarchy (although I think that it has already set in). No doubt several volumes can be written about the corruption, poor governance and nepotism of present Government but they are now left with only one year. Let them die their natural death in next election. Let us not make the martyr and let them take the advantage of this in next election. Let us not repeat the mistake of choosing wrong people to rule this country in next election. DR. MASOOD ANWAR, Lahore, July 31.