OUR STAFF REPORTER WAZIRABAD - The Railway Union activists on Monday protested against Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour and demanded his dismissal at Wazirabad Railways Station. Addressing the protesters, Zonal Chief Younus Bhatti, Chief Organiser Naqeel Ahmad Butt, Patron Chacha Kala Khan and others stated that Ghulam Ahmad Bilour and his 'corrupt subordinates were aimed at destroying the Railway Department and incapable to run the network. If they can not run the Department, the minister himself should resign from their offices and give way to capable people to work, they said, alleging that Bilour and his subordinates were corrupt and cases against them be registered and impartial inquiry be held to check their bank accounts. The minister has created the worst situation which may cause destruction of the Department, they said. The railway employees work sometime round-the-clock but they are not given salaries in time, nor are they given overtime. Where does the money which is collected by the commercial wing through selling tickets go? they asked.