ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) vice president Arif Qureshi has termed Subh-e-Nau allegations against the federation as baseless. Talking exclusively to The Nation, Arif said: “Subh-e-Nau was barred from holding national ranking tournaments after council members took serious view of substantiated facts of the organisation working and conduct of the NGO.”

He said council members in the AGM held on 2012 tabled motion for placement of ban on Subh-e-Nau on learning that in the garb of promoting tennis activities, the NGO had been obtaining funds and not spending judiciously on the game in which the PTF was tagged as federation behind sponsored tournament. “This matter surfaced when it was learnt that the NGO has obtained a whopping Rs 800,000 from National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and was not ready to spend even Rs 200,000 on the national feature,” he said.

It was also observed that the NGO, which is run as one family business, is moving around places extracting fund for generation of tennis activities but is hardly spending on the promotion of the game. He said the PTF had asked Subh-e-Nau to submit a clarification, which they failed to do so and refused to submit or share to this day any of their accounts in relation to tennis fund collection.

Besides this, the NGO chief kept issuing statements and made frivolous allegations against honourable council members and federation officials to belittle federation repute, a norm against the rules of business of the PTF. Of lately again on receipt of Subh-e-Nau plea to uplift ban imposed by PTF council member, the NGO was asked to submit requisite desired information enabling the AGM to be held on 19th of this month for decision, which to this day NGO has failed to respond. “Case of Subh-e-Nau will be taken again in the upcoming AGM. The PTF stand committed to promote the game of tennis without any discrimination in true letter and spirit,” Arif concluded.