The Punjab Jamaat-e-Islami has declared recent increase in prices of petroleum products and electricity tariff as a drone attack on poor public just ahead of Eid.

In a joint statement issued here on Thursday, JI Punjab Naib Ameer Ch Uzair Latif, Deputy Secretary General Rao Zafar Iqbal and District Ameer Asif Mehmood Akhwani said that concurrent mini-budgets further added to the plight and miseries of the public. They maintained that after imposition of numerous taxes, increase in petroleum and electricity prices every second day had become a routine. They warned that recent increase in petroleum prices would bring a horrible storm of price hike, depriving the poor masses of even last bite and clothes.

They pointed out that millions of poor labourers lost their jobs because of horrible loadshedding and hunger forced their families to commit suicide but the rulers did not bring down their princely expenditures. They said that the performance of government during last one and half months dismayed the masses as its claims to end loadshedding proved false and the citizens were exposed to loadshedding at sehri and iftar times which was highly condemnable. They warned that the masses would be forced to take to the roads if the rulers failed to improve their performance.