These days the press is thick with talk of thermal power, solar power, wind power and coal power, but there is little talk of hydel power whose potential is 44000 MW as a byproduct at dirt cheap cost while water storage is another benefit. We at present exploit nearly 15 percent of our hydel potential while India has plans for generating several thousand MW of power on our Western rivers passing through occupied Kashmir ostensibly on run of the river basis. However it is common knowledge that India erects gates on the so-called run of the river basis which results in storing water and releasing it at will, thus throttling our water supply which is the life blood of Pakistan.

Quaid-i-Azam had truly called Kashmir our jugular artery which is now firmly in the control of India. We do however make whimpering noises belatedly when India stops our water but the damage has already been done and now the talk of buying energy from India would be suicidal for our future water rights. The Prime Minister’s water wizards are not advising him properly; otherwise he would not have talked glibly about importing energy from India at our own peril of jeopardising our water rights.


Lahore, July 27.