KARACHI - MQM delegation on Thursday called on PML-F leadership at Raja House here on Thursday.

MQM delegation comprising of Dr Farooq Sattar, Dr Sagheer Ahmed and Baber Ghori invited the PML-F Pir Pagara and its leadership to Iftar dinner scheduled on Friday (today) that was accepted by Pir Pagra.

Talking to media men, PML-F leader Imtiaz Sheikh said PML-F chief Pagara would visit MQM headquarter Nine-Zero. He said there was a special relation between Pir Pagara and MQM chief Altaf Hussain. He further added that reconciliation policy is required for implementation of the local bodies system in the Sindh for the betterment of the masses. The views of all the political forces should be considered in formulating the local bodies system of the province.

Ghauri said that no single party could bring the country out of the crisis and a joint struggle policy was required in this regard.

MQM doors are open for negotiations with every political force while it has decided to play its role as opposition in the parliament, he added.

Talking about the presidential election, MQM leader said that party had two options to vote for the presidential candidate. PTI presidential candidate Jusitce (r) Wajheeuddin did not contacted for MQM support.   

Ghauri further stated that MQM respect the mandate of every individual and hoped for the enhance relation between Raja house and Nine Zero in future.

Worth mentioning here that it is first time that any spiritual leader widely known as Pir Pagara of the political party PML-F will visit the Nine-Zero.

Earlier PML-F following the PML-N visit to MQM headquarter Nine Zero has showed deep concern and even cancelled the scheduled Iftar dinner for PML-N central leaders and presidential candidate hosting in protest of not being taken into confidence before visiting Nine Zero. Sources added that Pagara came to know about the PML-N and MQM meeting through media and TV channels.