Couple of years ago in the holy month of Ramadan, the TV channels used to telecast programs with Islamic scholars, the main content would be to discuss the blessings of the month and its importance and other information relating to Islam. These scholars discussed the Islamic norms and values, and people learned from them. This scenario has changed dramatically, now an Islamic scholar has been replaced by well known film and TV actor. The typical concept of religious Ramadan transmission has changed into a show of ratings, where anchors are loudly saying phrases like “Musalmano Lagao Tukka”.

Another considerable thing is the lack of research and Islamic general understanding in these transmissions; an actor is trying to take the place of a religious scholar, confusing the audience. It is very important that we impart proper knowledge to the audience at this precious time. There should be more recitation of Quran that Qawali and Nat at this time.


Lahore, July 22.