A Lincolnshire pensioner has built the world’s smallest working fire engine - out of a three-wheeled  Reliant Robin.

John Ward spent four months converting the tiny car into a fire engine complete with six water cannons, a winched escape ladder and sirens.

The vehicle can be driven on the road and features a brass bell, blue and red lights, a 50-litre water tank and a top speed of 60mph.

It has two water cannons on the roof, two on the bonnet and two on the back of the car, which are all operated by a button on the dashboard. Mr Ward, from Spalding, modified the car following radical Government plans to merge fire forces and use retained staff on call at home, instead of full time firemen. “With all these cuts to the fire service I wondered how small you could go and there isn’t much smaller than a Reliant Robin, unless you go down to a bike,” he said.