RAWALPINDI - Two alleged drunk policemen were caught red-handed by residents of Gawalmandi area while misbehaving, abusing and demanding bribe from a group of young bikers on late Thursday night, reliable sources revealed to The Nation on Friday.

According to sources, the cops identified as Umar Malik and Ramzan were patrolling in the area. They stopped more than a dozen young motorcyclists on account of one-wheeling and started demanding bribe from them. The sources added that Ramzan got infuriated over a boy namely Usama who refused to pay him bribe. Ramzan allegedly used abusive language against Usama.

The other companions of Usama tried to protest over the injustice but Umar Malik also joined Ramzan and they impounded several motorcycles in police station. Later the cops released all the motorcycles on intervention of Regional Police Officer Umar Akhter Hayyat Lalayka, who was approached by one of the relatives of Usama, the sources said. The SHO of the police stations could not be approached for his comments.