DERA ISMAIL KHAN  - JUI-F chief Fazlur Rehman has advised the government not to give any importance to the long march and sit-in of Imran Khan as similar marches and meetings had held in the country in the past.

Talking to media men here on Friday, he said, “The real thing is to seek that who is behind this protest march. It is astonishing to protest in the name of rigging in four constituencies.”

Fazl questioned the farsightedness of Imran Khan, saying he does not know when to raise a particular issue. Without elaborating, Fazl said everybody knows why Imran was raising the rigging issue now. He was of the opinion that hidden powers were backing Khan to keep the government and democracy under check. It would be appropriate that these issues be resolved through the courts.

He said the PTI’s government was formed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa because of rigging. He said pressurising the institutions and courts was a part of a conspiracy to derail the system.

“Khan does not have the ability to run the affairs of the country. Maintenance of law and order is not the responsibility of the federal government. An issue of law and order has been created to tell the government that if it did not follow the given line, it will have to face difficulties,” he added.

He said he had stated in the National Assembly that army should be taken on board about the national affairs in line with the democratic system.

Regarding operation Zarb-e-Azb operation in North Waziristan, he said it was not appropriate as it gives strength to the viewpoint of those who talk of disintegration of the country. He said bloodletting on our borders was going on for the last 30 years and it should now come to an end. He said the IDPs of South Waziristan had not been resettled in their homes while 0.6 million residents of Swat were still living without homes.

He spoke of destruction in Tirah and said the same was expected in North Waziristan. He said Pakistan was following the Western agenda as we create hype to receive coalition fund otherwise the problems could be resolved within couple of days.

About independent election commission, he said political parties had always supported it and his party was in favour of maximum autonomy to the election commission. He said who would guarantee that agencies would not interfere in its task. “Army is a national institution and it should enjoy respect in the eyes of everyone.”

About giving relief to the IDPs of North Waziristan, he said only federal and Punjab governments were providing some assistance while the KP government was doing nothing for the relief of the affectees.