LAHORE - Gastroenteritis has reached alarming proportions as thousands of patients, majority of them children, approached public sector and private hospitals in the province for treatment on Friday.

Since the start of monsoon, over 40,000 patients have approached public sector and private hospitals in Lahore for the treatment of Gastroenteritis. On Friday, as many as 1763 Gastro patients were reported from various hospitals in the City. At present, as many as 107 Gastro patients are under treatment at different public sector and private hospitals.

Influx of such a huge number of Gastro patients has caused severe shortage of beds and necessary medicines at emergencies of public sector health facilities including teaching hospitals.  Physicians have advised parents not to allow children to eat food from street vendors. They said that rise in mercury level and relative humidity was the major cause for increase in the number of gastroenteritis cases.