All nations want peace, and Pakistan is also striving for it. With this lofty vision in mind, the Gender Responsive Policing Project, which is a bilateral initiative of the Government of Pakistan and the Federal Republic of Germany, was launched in July 2009 and will conclude in December 2014. The National Police Bureau of Pakistan (NPB) and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) have remained active partners to implement this thoughtful and insightful project.

The project is nationwide, and cooperation partners include the police of all four provinces of Pakistan. The German contribution is technical assistance and advice in developing concepts and processes in line with the project objectives.

The Project’s objective is to enable our police to adopt and implement a standardized policy for gender mainstreaming and gender access to policing. The focus is on implementation of a national gender strategy of police, inclusion of gender dimension in police trainings and enhanced police investigation with special emphasis on gender crimes. This project has provided technical assistance in the areas such as gender audit, a national gender strategy, and capacity building of Police. It has also provided improvement in training and training facilities. Know that that there is no way to peace but enhancing women’s role in policing and removing the last remaining hurdles in gender development in the country.


Islamabad, July 7.