LAKKI MARWAT - Residents of Haqdad Abad faced numerous problems during the days of Eidul Fitr due to suspension of electricity as the only 50KV power transformer of Mehmud street went out of order a day before Eid.

The faulty transformer caused water shortage in the urban locality because people could not run water pump machines. Besides, the women and children suffered a lot due to non-availability of electricity for four days.

The existing 50KV transformer which went out of order twice in last four days is overloaded with the electricity burden of over 70 houses of Haqdad Abad and Hameedabad localities,” said Abdul Khalil. He told The Nation that the transformer went out of order a day before Eid and that the residents collected money and repaired it on self help basis.

He said that the repaired transformer was installed on the first day of Eid but it again developed fault after supplying power facility to the locality for only two hours. Another resident Ishfaq said that repairing faulty transformer on self-help basis was a common practice in the entire urban locality.

He lamented that officials concerned of Peshawar Electric Supply Company did not bother to replace or repair out of order transformers. “Residents have stopped lodging complaints with PESCO about faulty transformers,” he maintained.

Sajjad, a schoolteacher by profession, said that dozens of electricity transformers developed faults due to overloading and power fluctuations during the last one-month and residents repaired them on their own expenses. He alleged that PESCO officials turned deaf ears to the complaints about faulty transformers and advised residents to repair them on self-help basis.

A citizen Fazalur Rehman claimed that residents of Haqdad Abad locality collected donation to get 50KV faulty transformer repaired for the second time. He said that elders of the locality also met MPA Munawar Khan Marwat at his residence and reminded him his promise he made a year ago regarding installation of an additional 50KV transformer in the locality.

The lawmaker, he claimed, assured that an additional 50KV transformer would be installed within two weeks. Residents of the locality have asked the government to shut transformer repair workshops as these facilities were now of no use for the general public.

They also demanded of the government to provide 100 additional transformers to each PESCO sub-division in the district so as to enable local PESCO officials to replace faulty transformers with functional ones on the spot.