LAHORE - Jamaat-ud-Dawa has announced launching countrywide movement to press the international community to send Muslim countries’ forces to Palestine to save the innocent people of Gaza.

“If United Nations’ forces can go in other countries then why the Muslim countries’ forces are not going to Palestine to save their Muslim brothers,” said JuD chief Hafiz Saeed while addressing the Friday sermon.

He said the JuD will hold protests and rallies in August across Pakistan to press the Muslim community to break silence and get united on the Palestine issue. He also termed the United Nations’ representative speech on Gaza issue a drama. He said his tears were fake which aimed at fooling the Muslims.

He said the US and all its allies were patronising Israel and had given it full freedom to kill Muslims. He said the Muslim world should also provide financial assistance to Palestine.

Hafiz Saeed said the Muslim community was weak because it was not united. He wished that there should be Muslim Union on the pattern of European Union which can protect the Muslims of the world from the aggression of non-Muslims.

He said the US had failed in Afghanistan and Israel would also fail. Palestine would emerge as a strong sovereign Muslim state. He said if Iran was the true supporter of Palestine, it should immediately wage war against Israel to save the innocent people of Gaza.