BTG TENNESSEE - Megan Fox has revealed that the new-look Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can be quite frightening.

The former Transformers actress, who stars in the reboot as their sidekick April O’Neil, admitted the crime-busting reptiles may not look as cute as they did in the 1980s cartoon series. ‘It’s not fluffier, but they may look scarier because we needed to make it real,’ she told Digital Spy.

‘If a chemical ooze is going to mutate turtles, what would they look like afterwards? Chances are they might be a little bit ugly. They’re a little intimidating-looking but they are so funny and this movie is also really bad.’ Will Arnett, who plays April’s cameraman and rival news reporter Vern Fenwick, said the film - produced by Michael Bay - is faithful to the original comic books and the animated TV show.

‘We stayed true to who the Turtles are,’ he said. ‘These four distinct characters and the way that they work together as a unit, the idea that they’re a team, and they’re family. That idea, at the core, we did not deviate from.’ New footage from the upcoming film, which will be released in UK cinemas in October, was shown at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

Turtles creator Kevin Eastman brushed off the early fan criticism, saying: ‘Any time we’ve done a different version of the Turtles - like when we made the animated show from the original comic books - (people) say: ‘Oh, you’ve made them too goofy or too silly’, but once they start watching it, they embrace the camaraderie. It still has the heart of the original books.’

He added: ‘People say, ‘You’re messing with my childhood. Don’t change it!’ We just want to make sure that they’re the happiest, because they’ve given me the best job ever.’