SIALKOT - There is 17.1 per cent record increase in exports from Sialkot region due to smooth provision of advanced export-related facilities and rapid clearance of export consignments by Model Collectorate of Customs Sialkot at the Sialkot Dry Port Trust (SDPT) and Sialkot International Airport.

This was said by Collector Customs Sialkot Qurban Ali Khan while talking to newsmen in his office here on Friday.

He said exports from Model Customs Collectorate Sialkot increased by 17.1 per cent, a record increase during the fiscal year 2013-14 against the last financial year.

He said one window operation and an establishment of Single Examination Assessment Office at the shade yard of Sialkot Dry Port Trust (SDPT) by the MC Sialkot was earning great confidence of exporters.

Qurban Ali said exports of leather from MCC Sialkot increased by 16.3 percent, sports goods by 7.1 percent, surgical instruments by 17.9 percent, textile by 28.8 percent, cutlery exports by 7.8 percent and other goods by 5.5 percent.

He said it was a record increase in exports from Sialkot through the MCC Sialkot and there would also be further increase in these exports from Sialkot during the running fiscal year 2014-15, as the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Sialkot exporters were getting full benefits of this increase in exports in this regard.

He said the Sialkot exporters also took very keen interest in enhancing their exports from Sialkot as the MCC Sialkot was successfully motivating them to do their exports from Sialkot Dry Port Trust (SDPT) and Sialkot International Airport.

Replying to a question, Qurban Ali said the MCC Sialkot had started process of paying a large number of the prolonged pending rebate claims to exporters on priority as the MCC Sialkot had distributed Rs 330 million among them, enabling them to jazz up their business activities.

The Collector Customs said an advanced 24/7 duty system had successfully been introduced at the Sialkot Dry Port Trust (SDPT) as senior efficient officials of Customs, Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) and Sialkot Dry Port had been performing round-the-clock duties to lure exporters, importers and customs and cargo clearing agents and motivating them to do their business through the Sialkot Dry Port.