Thatta- Thousands of people who were on way to Manchar Lake for picnicking were irked when they were stopped by the police here as the authorities have banned swimming and bathing in the lake by imposing section 144.

According to media reports the irked picnickers accompanied by their families protested saying they have travelled all the way from distant places including Karachi for sightseeing in Manchar Lake and were deprived of the opportunity for no fault of theirs.

Officials said that the deputy commissioner has declared this ban in view of the scores of tragic drowning death at Clifton, Karachi. The annoyed picnickers told a private news channel that they mostly accompanied by their families felt quite harassed not being allowed to go even for sight-seeing. They said they have spent thousands of rupees to have reached here all the way from Karachi and other distant places and being asked to return for the ban.