I am a subscriber of one of the three large cellular companies and receive hundreds of offers. Just last week, I paid Rs.30 (plus tax) and activated a package for a month. As usual the cellular companies that are earning huge profits by lying and cheating and not revealing hidden charges, cancelled my package as Eid was coming and brought in many expensive Eid offers. I know this is absolutely unethical but who has the ability to actually sue them? The users are like small ants bugging a giant, and with no law and order in Pakistan’s ‘jungle’, they have become flesh eating tigers that we all love and cannot live without.

Why should I blame them, when like everyone else, they want to make maximum profit from my need? Using a cell phone is now a fashion and waste of money and time in Pakistan, and that is why these cellular companies have become monsters. If we all learn to curtail our bad habits we can, if not kill them, tame them.


Karachi, July 27.