SWABI - A woman allegedly killed her husband and two other women of her family when she opened indiscriminate firing at them inside their house in Kalu Khan Village here on Friday.

Sources said the incident occurred in Mamakhel area of Kalu Khan Village, a jurisdiction of Kalu Khan Police Station. They said that relations between husband and wife had been deteriorated for the last few days.

Registering an FIR against his brother’s wife, Akbar Ali said that they were sleeping when two assailants along with Hina forced their way into their house. They immediately opened firing and as a result his brother Haleem Zada, mother Gul Baha and sister Farzia Begum killed on the spot. He did not identify the two male assailants who assisted Hina in the crime. After the incident, the attackers escaped but later Hina was arrested by police.