According to reports General Raheel Sharif has ordered an investigation into all those cases of alleged corruption and misuse of public money by senior army officers who were working in various government organisations. This will meet not only the demand of general public for across the board accountability but also the politicians will have no more excuse for escapes. The menace of corruption is the second most difficult challenge faced by the country. General Raheel has already proved that he is a man of action and wants to change the direction of the country.

He has shown his serious concern about the problems and issues faced by the country. He has not only improve the image of Pakistan Army at home and but has abroad by breaking the back of a very furious enemy. He is leading the troops from the front, spending Eid with them in the front not like our main stream political leaders who preferred to celebrate Eid aboard. They cry democracy for personal interest; they have no interest in the welfare of people. I hope General Raheel will also lead from the front to rid the country of corruption, which now needs major surgery which should be ruthless and across the board.


Lahore, July 27.