LAHORE: Jammiat Ulema-e-Pakistan (JUI) urged Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to use his good offices for better cordial relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran in a bid to avoid further aggravate tension between the two Islamic states.  

Adopting different resolutions in the session of the Majlas e Shoora of the JUP, the members supported Iran’s nuclear accord with six world powers, terming it in benefit of the entire Ummah.

“The Saudis’ reservations on the Iranian accord are unnecessary, so the two should end their differences for better ties in future. This will help create cordial relations and peace in the world,” reads the resolution, passed by the JUP body meeting held under the chairmanship of Pir Ejaz Hashmi.

The JUP termed the government’s stance on Kashmir as hopeless and urged the parties to mount pressure in a bid to satisfy the Kashmiris. It also supported the dialogue between Afghanistan government and the Taliban for stability in the region.