RAWALPINDI: Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP)’s leader Shahzain Bugti said today that Balochi people are loyal to Pakistan and want to be treated equally.

He said this while exchanging his views with Pakistan People’s Party Punjab Council member Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan who called on him today.  

Shahzain was of the view that his party and people of Balochistan believed in Pakistan and the unity of federating units.

 “But the Federation should come up to the expectation of the Balochi people who are yet to get equal rights”, he added.

He demanded the central government to give up unfilled and bogus lip-service to the people of Balochistan, advocating concrete confidence-building measures to win back their trust in the Centre. He said the people of Balochistan are loyal to the country and the government should reach out to the people of Balochistan and mitigate their long-continuing sufferings.

“Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan but the poorest one where people are not at all satisfied with the federal government’s policies,” he mentioned.

Shahzain said his forefathers sacrificed for the country and democracy and that his people want complete harmony among the people of all provinces.

Haji Mohammad Gulzar Awan said there was no question on the loyalty and trustworthiness of Balochi people to Pakistan.

 “Pakistan People’s Party is with the Balochi people with regard to the solution of their long standing problems”, he ensured.

He said the people of Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Kashmir have great love and respect for their Balochi brothers and want to give them equal rights and role in national reconstruction. He also paid tributes to the late JWP leader Talal Akbar Bugti and the services he rendered for the rights of the Balochi people as well as unity and integrity of Pakistan.