I was emotionally moved when I heard about Qandeel Baloch’s murder. Honestly, although I took negligible interest in her while she was alive, her death came as disconcerting news to me. Killing someone is an unpardonable sin. As for her actions being unacceptable or not; we should have left her to decide herself. 

The people who had once seen Qandeel as a source of amusement, have begun calling her a “revolutionary”, her aim being the emancipation of the women of this country from the misogyny they face every day. 

As grieved as I am on the occasion of her death, I will abstain from calling her a revolutionary. She was a woman who loved fame and in her pursuit of fame gathered followers on social media using wrong means. However, she was definitely a woman who rose from a conservative, poor family and took the responsibility to provide for it. This was an act for which I salute her. 

RIP, Qandeel. 


Lahore, July 21.